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Some friends and their family came over today for a SpaceX rocket launch this morning which ended up being scrubbed.  Not wanting to waste an opportunity to hang out we decided to head over to the Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge and take a walk on a 2-mile nature trail.  I thought I would show you some pictures that I took.


The first part of the nature trail you actually cross over some railroad tracks.  They were used during the early years of the space program and also during the shuttle program but now mainly lie there dormant.  However I liked the perspective of the tracks and showing them run into the distance.


Months have passed since we were hit by Hurricane Matthew and in the cities all of the damage was cleaned up.  However in the wildlife preserve, everything is left untouched and we could still see remnants of damage everywhere.


Nothing too special, I just liked the way this looked in the tree trunk.  We took to calling them ‘hobbit holes’ and there were quite a few of them in the trees.  Not sure if this is a natural occurrence or perhaps due to rising and falling water levels that the refuge is subject to.


In this last picture this tree was blackened still from fire damage that happened awhile ago.  There were signs of it all over the refuge but it is the natural order of things that Mother Nature does to keep the ecosystem healthy.  I decided to take the picture at and angle and liked the way the blackened branches were reaching into the sky.



All in all it was a pleasant day to spend outside with some friends and their family.  As you can see the weather was sunny, light breeze and comfortable temperature in the mid 70’s.  It was nice to get out and see untouched nature at its finest.


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Share A Post & Promote Yourself

I have been trying to do this on a regular basis, giving bloggers an opportunity to share a post and spread the word about their blogs.  Please feel free to tell us a bit about yourself in the comments and leave a link to a specific post or your blog.

Come on, don’t be shy – drop a line, promote your blog and make some connections!  Help spread the love though, take time to look at other bloggers and re-blog this post!


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It’s The Little Things…

Due to her dance schedule my daughter frequently is not able to eat dinner with the family.  Knowing this I try to do little things to make her dinner special.  I started out being a little artistic in how I laid out her food but I have now built it into doing some carving in her fruit that I set out with her dinner.

Here are my latest two attempts.





There are tons of things we can do as parents to be good role models for our children but there are times when I think it is the little things that they remember and mean the most to them.

So here is to the little things!


Take Care!


Facts about Standing Rock protest

Media of all types are focusing on many external issues but we need to be reminded that there are still social issues at home that we cannot forget about.


1)The pipeline was moved once. When Bismarck ND residents complained it would be too close to their water supply. It was moved away from their water supply and directly under the Standing Rock water supply.

2)The lake Oahe was flooded when the army Corp of engineers built the Oahe Dam. 200,000 acres were lost of tribal territory underwater. The very territory they are trying to put the pipeline under now. Sovereign native territory!

3)Ft Laramie treaty was found by the supreme court in 1980 to be:

a.Still in force and enforceable

b.To have been violated time and time again including the flooding and forced relocation of the Lake Oahe area.

4)The Lakota and Dakota were offered more than a billion dollars compensation which was refused to maintain land rights and claims to land under the Ft Laramie treaty instead.

5)This has nothing to…

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Science Says ‘Random Acts of Kindness’ Week Has Astonishing Health Benefits

Great, positive message!


Love this, it’s such a positive article. I need this, I think we all need it. Happy “Random Acts of Kindness” week!

Geesh, does the world ever need this week.

The global phenomenon that is Random Acts of Kindness week is upon us: February 12-18, 2017.

We as co-workers — nay, citizens — get to extend hands and open our hearts to participate in wonderfully arbitrary acts of kindness all week long.

If the idea itself isn’t enough to motivate you to participate, science tells us that you literally feel good if you engage in kindness.

The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation has culled together a range of research that highlights an astonishing array of kindness-related health benefits.

Here are the top five reasons kindness can actually make you healthier:

1. Kindness fuels energy and esteem

Kindness produces serotonin which generates that feeling of calmness and even helps heal…

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Carolina over at Yesterday After nominated me for the #Gettoknowme tag.  If you haven’t visited her blog then what are you waiting for?  Hop on over…um…just don’t forget to come back to my blog!  So here are my answers, hope you enjoy!


  1. Share your profile picture if you have one.  My blog is still technically anonymous so I haven’t ever shared a picture of me or my family.  Also since redoing the theme of my blog I no longer have my “image” that I found online but I thought I would share it with you now.  Image result for dark angel with wings  I like this image because I think it is a good representation of who I feel I am.  On the surface I may seem angelic but when you look closer your see that there is a lot of underlying darkness that more than counterbalances the light.  Perhaps it is representative of the struggle I have within myself.
  2. Who are you named after?  Victor is a family name, which made family reunions in the past very awkward.  My first and middle name are actually reversed from my Father and my first name is also my Grandfather’s first name.
  3. What is your favorite lunch meat?  Hard salami.
  4. Longest relationship?  My current one, married 14 years and together a little over 15.
  5. Do you still have your tonsils?  Yep.
  6. Would you bungee jump?  Hell no.  This may sound strange especially when you consider I have done the following:  skydiving, acrobatics in a WWII plane, white water rafting, racing (car), snowmobiling and martial arts.  Bungee jumping just seems so sketchy compared to all of the other activities that I have enjoyed over the years.
  7. Do you untie your shoes when you take them off?  Depends.  My work shoes are loafers.  My tennis shoes I tend to do that and my boots I have to untie.
  8. Favorite ice cream?  There are so many flavors but nothing will ever beat the simple richness of vanilla bean ice cream.
  9. What is the first thing you notice about people?  Smile.  They gotta have a good smile.  Doesn’t matter what they look like, if the smile isn’t there or seems fake, then we will most likely not get along.  To this day I still think this is my wife’s best feature, I love her smile.
  10. Football or baseball?  Football and prefer college over NFL.  Go Gators!
  11. What color pants are you wearing?  Dark blue shorts.
  12. Last thing you ate?  Yummy, buttery and delicious rock shrimp!
  13. If you were a crayon, what color would you be?  WTF….
  14. Favorite smell?  The crisp, cool “clean” smell when you first step outside on a cold winters day right after a fresh snowfall.
  15. Who was the last person you spoke to on the phone?  My damn dentist, I just popped a crown off last week and I cannot get in until the end of the month.
  16. Hair color?  Jet black.  Believe it or not, for about the first six years of my life I was a bleach blonde.  If you were to look at my senior year high school picture I had light brown hair.  It has simply gotten darker as the years have passed.  On a positive note my hairline has not receded one bit since elementary school!  Yay!!
  17. Eye color?  Brown/hazel.
  18. Favorite foods to eat?  In general, Asian food.  I could eat that every day and not get tired of it.  If you didn’t guess I like Asian based on this post, well you may have missed some of my not so subtle clues.
  19. Scary movies or happy endings?  I guess happy endings…but as long as I was watching either a good action, fantasy or science fiction movie.
  20. Last movie you watched?  The “new” Ghostbusters.  It was horrible…
  21. Favorite holiday?  Either Christmas or Thanksgiving because I get to spend them with the family.
  22. Beer or wine?  Neither, I do not drink.  I haven’t had a drop of alcohol in almost a decade.  I am not a recovering alcoholic, it is simply a choice I made a long time ago and one that is important for me to keep since my wife is a recovering alcoholic.
  23. Night owl or early bird?  I am a night owl that is reluctantly forced to wake up very early for work.  It totally sucks…
  24. Favorite day of the week?  I don’t have one really.  I enjoy going to work so I am not one to count down my days to the weekend.
  25. Which of your three favorite bloggers would you like to know more about?  I don’t like to use favorite because all of the bloggers I interact with are awesome in their own way.  So how about we leave it at “which three awesome bloggers would you like to know more about?”
    1. Iggy @ Color Me Bipolar
    2. That’s What Anxious Mom Said
    3. CookieCakes @ Cordelia’s Mom, Still
  26. Who were the latest three people to follow your blog (link to their about page?  These are not my actual last three but are probably my last three that are not bogus or spam blogs, lol.
    1. The Wellness Prepper
    2. Lady With The Migranes
    3. College Mate


Take Care!


Food For Thought

Of course while I was on my trip I documented some of the more delicious meals I enjoyed.  So here again I have another post to tantalize your taste buds, beguile your palate and tempt your salivary glands.

Image result for evil chuckle gif


First night I kept it simple and opted for a grilled sirloin, medium rare of course, that was paired with two skewers of shrimp glazed with a smokey tomato butter.  A bed of rice pilaf and fresh steamed broccoli accompanied everything nicely.  Nothing fancy but it was well cooked, tasty and very satisfying.


Another night I had dinner with a friend and I opted for the Black Cod with Miso.  Black Cod is a very silky fish, very reminiscent to Sea Bass, that was marinated in a house made misoyaki sauce and served on top of fingerling potatoes , fresh baby bok choy and pickled ginger.  I know we hear the term ‘melt in your mouth’ over used but this cod did just that.  Absolutely delicious.


The next day I went out with a group of co-workers and I opted to get a dish of “street noodles” which consisted of thin rice noodles, light curry sauce, shrimp, chicken and juilenned veggies.  I paired this with a side dish of sichuan-style asparagus.  Overall both dishes were good but admittedly I think the noodle dish could have done with more heat (spice) and less tomatoes.  The asparagus was crunchy, smoky and very enjoyable.



My last dinner I decided to keep it simple, hearty and filling.  Nothing fancy at all.  I started with an appetizer of Golden Mushrooms, deep fried with a filling of chive, cream cheeze, seasonal leaves with a schemer of garlic aioli.  For my main course I got fish n’ chips using beer battered Atlantic Cod, on a bed of mushy peas and served with home cut fries.  With the exception of the mushy peas (I don’t care for peas in general) everything was very satisfying.



I will end this post with lunch that I had on the last day.  I convinced everyone to go to a local Thai restaurant that I like to go to and ordered my go to dishes.  I started with fresh spring roll that contained shrimp, rice noodles, lettuce and basil leaves all in a rice wrapper.  Next I got a bowl of noodle soup.  It is in a savory broth, rice noodles, chicken, bok choy, bean sprouts and shallots.  A few dollops of spice to give it a kick and it is a warm, inviting dish that sooth the stomach as much as the soul.




If you read this post on a empty stomach, I will extend my apology now.  Well…I’m not really sorry but it seemed to be the polite thing to say!  I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed eating it.

Image result for score gif


Take Care!